Concerns Unique To You

Oral contraceptives:

The effect of Oral Contraceptives on the oral cavity is a growing concern with the increasing number of women. If you have been using oral contraceptives for a prolonged period it may cause specific problems in your mouth like:

  • Gingival inflammation
  • Local alveolar osteitis i.e the non-healing of an extraction socket.
  • Dry mouth

Habits like smoking,drinking and drugs:

In women, smoking increases risk for cardiovascular disease because it effects hormones that cause estrogen deficiency, thus reducing the chances of pregnancy. Smoking before and during pregnancy also increases miscarriage rates, as smoking increases the chance for an egg to have chromosomal abnormalities. A man's health and lifestyle can affect fertility and conception. Smoking is known to cause fertility issues.REPEAT

Drinking before getting pregnant can also cause problems. Alcohol consumption can lower your chances of conception, and it's also linked with higher chances of miscarriage.

The IDA recommends that you discuss your current general health issues, medications, lifestyle and habits with your dentist, before planning a baby.